Smoky Bay’s sunsets are a masterpiece of nature, casting a spellbinding palette across the horizon. The sun’s descent ignites the sky, bathing the bay in warm hues of amber, crimson, and lavender. Wisps of smoky clouds add a touch of mystique to the scene, enhancing the ethereal beauty. As the day bids adieu, the bay transforms into a reflective canvas, mirroring the celestial dance above. Silhouettes of boats and distant shores punctuate the landscape, creating a serene spectacle. Residents and visitors alike are drawn to this daily symphony, where time seems to stand still, and the world pauses to appreciate the unparalleled magic of Smoky Bay sunsets.


Constructed in 1911 and 1912, the Smoky Bay Jetty has endured the passage of time since its official unveiling on May 1, 1912. Initially built to facilitate the transportation of grain from the local area to Adelaide, its significance waned in the 1960s with the establishment of grain silos at Thevenard in 1961.
In 1969, a governmental decision was made to dismantle the Smoky Bay Jetty, removing 88 meters of its top planks. However, faced with opposition from the local community, the complete removal was halted, leaving the Jetty with the last 88 meters devoid of planks but retained pylons and support beams. By the early 2000s, the Jetty had fallen into disrepair, prompting an initial effort to raise funds for restoration. This endeavour faced obstacles until 2009 when the formation of “Friends of the Jetty” reignited restoration efforts in anticipation of its centenary in 2012.
With collaborative support from government departments, the local council, and a robust fundraising campaign led by the community, the Smoky Bay Jetty underwent a successful restoration. The revitalized structure now features a mesh-enclosed swimming area and three fishing shelters. Today, it is one of Australia’s premier spots to enjoy breathtaking sunset views..




Since 1988, when “Kiwi” Evans pioneered oyster farming in the area, Smoky Bay has gained global recognition for its succulent, plump oysters. As Kiwi’s venture flourished, other farmers joined the ranks, solidifying Smoky Bay’s reputation as the oyster capital of Australia. This led to the establishment of Aquaculture Park, now hosting over 20 oyster farming companies. The public is warmly invited to visit operational sheds, where they can purchase freshly harvested oysters directly from the ocean. For an immersive experience, guided tours of the sheds and farms are available; interested individuals can contact Jeff and Colleen at SA PREMIUM OYSTERS, reachable at 0428 257 177.

Acraman Creek Conservation Park

Are you looking for a serene family getaway? Discover Acraman Creek Conservation Park, a mere 15km from Smoky Bay, overseen by the National Parks and Wildlife. This natural haven comprises the Acraman Creek estuary, ocean beaches, dunes, mangroves, samphire, and mallee habitats, forming a crucial feeding ground for diverse coastal birds. Migratory waders like sandpipers and stilts, journeying from the Arctic Circle, add a touch of exotic beauty to the landscape.
The park offers various activities, making it a perfect retreat for fishing, bush camping, boating, canoeing, and birdwatching enthusiasts. Travelling to the park is best done via 4WD, ensuring access to its remote and pristine landscapes. However, be mindful of mosquitoes, notorious for carrying off newborn lambs, their presence intensifies around sunset. This haven promises a quiet escape for the family and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural splendours of Acraman Creek Conservation Park.

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